Closing pool services in Laval

Protect your investment and enjoy piece of mind by letting Pro-Piscine CP do the winterizing of your pool

As always, summertime has come and gone. Days are getting shorter and leaves are turning colour. Unfortunately, it is now time to proceed to the winterizing of your POOL.

Pool owners must do the process meticulously to avoid problems later on. It is a process that cannot be done too lightly. A pool that was not winterized properly may cause numerous technical problems to the system when it is started in the spring.

Protect your investment and enjoy piece of mind by letting us do the winterizing of your pool.


  • Lower the water level under the water jets;
  • Store skimmer and jets;
  • Store equipments;
    • Ladder, diving board and handrails.
  • Turn-off electrical power components;
  • Drain filter;
  • Drain water heater (if needed);
  • Drain pipes and filtration system;
  • Add antifreeze;
  • Install caps on water jets;
  • Install a gizmo in the skimmer;


  • Winter cover installation;
  • Net installation;
  • Cleaning before winterizing;

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