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Pro-Piscine CP offer the best services for your POOL or HOT TUB. You need someone qualified to help you with these task and you want the BEST in Chomedey Laval and around ?

Pro-Piscine CP is here for you to offer the BEST. CALL US now and you won't regret it.

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Pool cleaning and maintenance services

With PRO-PISCINE CP your POOL CARE is made simple and we really think that CARING for your POOL and HOT TUB is more than just adding PRODUCTS.

You must know some basic information about the circulation and filtration system and their ROLES in POOL CARE before SANITATION can be DISCUSSED so CALL US NOW to book your SERVICE CALL for your pool or hot tub opening services to get BEST ADVICES from US!!

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NOTE: Do not forget to clean the sand of your filter at the beginning of the season !!

There's nothing quite like the refreshing and relaxing sensation of slinking into a hot tub or pool.

Whether you're doing lengths to keep fit or are having a party with friends, a swimming pool is a versatile addition to your home. At PRO-PISCINE CP, we specialize in taking care of your invesment; we provide a whole range of services and products to keep your pool and hot tub in great working order. We provide full OPENING and CLEANING services and can repair and replace almost any individual part such as pumps, motors, filters, heaters and more.

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